Our Core Values

The Core Values of Rehn & Associates is in our name. They define who we are and what we strive to accomplish every day. We take our values seriously and believe in them as much as we believe in our company.



What we show each other and our clients in everything we do. Rehn employees show respect through our everyday contact and communications with employers, brokers, participants and other providers. We know our clients are the most important asset to our company and we value our relationships with them by showing them the highest respect. We do this by putting ourselves in their place and treating them with the honor, respect and integrity they deserve.



What we strive for everyday as a company. We provide customized services in our industry with the knowledge and experience to give our clients the confidence in our work. Excellence is expected and desired of Rehn employees, which is a testament to our personalized customer service that each and every one of our clients feels.



Held as the highest quality for our company and employees. We are judged by how we act. Rehn employees know that honesty and integrity define Rehn as a company and personally reflect on them. Rehn promotes honesty with our client relationships as well as with each other.



What Rehn does every day. We nurture our employers and brokers by partnering with them to provide and educate their employees with the information to achieve the most innovative health benefit designs and assist them with implementation and ongoing use. Rehn employees have a passion for continuous quality improvement. Rehn nurtures this passion with open communication between owners, management and staff.